• Ihor Zaitsev
  • Vasyl Babak
  • Dmytro Moshchenko



anti-tank missile systems, combat operations, combat capabilities, military intelligence units


Threats to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, especially the ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation, high dynamism of combat operations in modern combined arms combat, rapid changes in circumstances, rapid transition from one type of action to another, limited time to perform assigned combat tasks, complex tactical environment, large availability and saturation of new modern military various armored combat vehicles and weapons with different tactical and technical characteristics, have expanded and made more complex the work of the obtaining and acquiring intelligence about the enemy.

The available military equipment used by the ground forces of the Russian Armed Forces shows that tanks and armored combat vehicles remain their main models. They are characterized by increased cross-country ability, maneuverability, ability to move in any season, fire at night and over long distances, overcome water obstacles, have increased protection, a fire control system, powerful weapons, the ability to transport troops, the necessary autonomy to perform certain tasks, etc.

The military intelligence units solve complex intelligence tasks, which are achieved by its early organization, directing the efforts of all types of intelligence to the most important tasks, determining intelligence by the established deadline, thoroughly studying, comparing and further verifying it, and, if necessary, conducting additional intelligence, highly trained personnel, as well as using the most advanced intelligence methods and means.

All of this requires the widespread introduction of new technical intelligence means into the troops. And the complexity of solving intelligence tasks, the need for effective use of technical intelligence means, in turn, requires highly professional skills of intelligence officers.

The problems of equipping units of the Armed Forces and other military formations of the security and defense sector are caused by the fact that a significant number of available weapons and military equipment have long service lives, are morally and physically outdated and require appropriate modernization or replacement with new models.

Based on the analysis of the characteristics and trends in the development of modern models of anti-tank missile systems, taking into account the practical experience gained by the troops during the Joint Forces Operation and combat operations to repel armed aggression, the article considers the problematic issues of increasing the combat capabilities of military intelligence units.


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